Drive business growth by filling your positions in the shortest turn-around time
When you’re trying to find the right fit for your permanent position, time is perhaps the most critical of all factors. Our Permanent Recruitment services help businesses fill their vacancies in the shortest possible time with the best talent to help drive business growth.

Get the best skill and cultural fit for your organisation for the job

Thanks to our fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process, we know your industry inside out, understand your needs, and are constantly in touch with a vast database of the professionals you're looking for.

Our interaction includes detailed assignment briefing and fully validated evaluationprocedures.

We also conduct psychometric assessments and behavioural interview techniques.

Extensive reference checking enables us to select and refer only candidates of the highest calibre ideally matched to your needs.

Our 4 step recruitment process

Client Briefing
Understand the client’s current and future plans

Job Analysis
Define principal accountabilities and KRAs

Candidate Search
Precise search through extensive database

Profile Evaluation
Undertake interviews, shortlists, reference checks

Success Story


When we received this requirement from one of the top 10 global IT services companyand were allowed to share only a single resume. After seven gruelling rounds of interview the single submit was hired on a permanent position by this MNC product company. This level of accuracy and professionalism earned us our empanelment with this client.

Permanent Recruitment with Anlage comes with these key advantages

Solid industry background and deep knowledge leads to powerful insights

A huge database and years of experience helps make an appropriate selection

Expertise of a huge team of recruitment specialists

Permanent Recruitment across industry verticals.
Which is yours?