In a fast-moving market place, industrial sectors play a prime role in the development of the country. Our Anlage team of highly qualified and experienced consultants understands this and aims to consistently deliver value, through our solutions for corporate and functional roles which includes Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Analytics, Technology-related positions, and more. From Automotive, Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) to rapidly-shifting Retail, from booming Pharma & Healthcare to the ever-precious Oil & Gas industry, we have a proven track record of supplying professional engineering and support personnel, to a range of clients.


More power to the Retail Industry giant

Indian retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic industries due to the entry of several new players – as a result, changing the employment and recruitment landscape as well. As retail stores are sprouting across cities and towns, newer talents and fresher perspectives are needed to drive the industry forward. With our ever-growing multi-faceted talentpool, we are ready.

Oil & Gas

Power your Oil & Gas business with sector expertise

We provide customized workforce solutions to service companies, consultancies and oil and gas operators. From upstream activities that involve search of natural gas and crude oil, to downstream sector that includes distribution outlets, retail outlets etc, to the midstream sector which includes a bit of both, we help recruit skilled and professional talent.

Pharma & Healthcare

Grow confidently with the Pharma & Healthcare industry

At the back-end of the healthcare industry lies a talent machinery that works seamlessly. We provide recruitment services to the pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, and scientific and biotechnology sector for roles that include Human Resource, Accounting, Management, Research & Development, Formulations, Plant Managers and a lot more.


For the AME industry, we recruit at all levels and all stages of the product development and commercialization process.We have access to the best candidates available, who have a range of achievements that will bring success to your business. For candidates, we have access to the best jobs available – jobs that provide competent remuneration and career development opportunities.