Anlage can provide an integrated end-to-end solution including transition, operating and transforming an IT portfolio to enhance efficiencies or quality. We are committed to optimise costs by implementing SOPs and Best Practices, building an online integrated knowledge base, flexible pricing models and utilising resources optimally.

Our recruitment offerings include:
Application Maintenance | Service Offerings | Delivery Engagement Models | Execution Model | MSP | RPO

Application Maintenance

We help you leverage the best out of your existing IT applications, which span offshore-ability analysis, maintainability analysis, maintenance, and enhancement, and are delivered with ease. We use strucutred knowledge management tools and other IP developed internally to enhance the life of your systems. We are focussed on reducing your system downtime, so that you minise the time spent on routine activities, improve efficiencies and deliver outcomes faster.

Our Execution Model

Each and every release follows an iterative model where

1. The requirements are analysed, clarified to arrive at a design
2. The design is developed, reviewed and unit tested before implementation
3. The changes are integrated, tested and deployed in the environment
4. Post release retrospection is done for continuous improvements

Management Service Programme (MSP)

In today’s fast paced marketplace, quick response is what will drive organisations to expand and progress. Often, contingent forces are utilised by employers to offer flexibility. Anlage’s MSP is a technology backed, fully scalable function that efficiently manages all your contingent staffing needs regardless of the number of suppliers.

MSPs are believed to be the most efficient way to gain visibility and control over contingent resourcing processes through:

• Adoption of best practices pooled from our past experience

• Innovative solutions that are tailored to maximize your contingent labor

• Process excellence and valuable insight across all your contingent workforce contracts for maximum performance

• Continuous innovation and improvement in our services

• Access to a central repository of quality-assured processes and methodologies that have been tried and tested

• Built-in scaling to ensure that requirements are met equally well during the slowest or busiest times